Most disturbing is the way in which it was written, or rather the way in which Delgado thinks it was written. By all accounts, it seems Delgado thought this piece to be (1) appreciative of women larger than the usual pop-culture standard, and, worse, (2) funny.

It was neither. Delgado’s link-baiting listicle is guilty of a lot — but the worst is the premise that women above, say, a size ten are desperate and that sleeping with Ric Delgado (or any other faceless blogger, as long as he is male and willing) would automatically be a prize.

This is clear form the language in the second graf of the post, which has been removed from this site: ‘even big girls need some love, and we’re down to give it to them.’ The use of ‘even,’ here, of course implies that ‘big girls’ are some other category that one would usually not deign to include in the sexually attractive or the needing of physical affection. But no matter, since Ric Delgado is willing to take up that tough job, right?

Arielle Castillo’s well-crafted response to Ric Delgado’s post is very much worth your click. Good looking out, Broward/Palm Beach New Times.
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